Wealth, Yoga, Wine: STOLEN BIKE

Perception is a mental muscle that is in our MIND.  It is important to respond, not to react to what we perceive in a situation, an event, a challenge.

My bike of twenty years was stolen Sunday.  I basically got an "F" in my reaction to the event, as I was hysterical.   I believe by the end of the day my attitude was  a "B".  Dr. Richard Pritchett says that even the darkest clouds have the shiniest, silvery linings.  My perception by the end of the day is that someone stole my bike in order sell it to put food on their table...and that something GOOD will come of this.

Kundalini yoga has the most enchanting and invigorating music. Send me an email www.chezvalerie.us for the specific music mentioned in this podcast. The yoga is challenging at times, however the "yoginis" always provide alternative positions.

Ports are delicious wines to pair with a myriad of foods.  Three common types; Ruby Tawny and Late Bottle Vintage (LBV) are discussed.

www.chezvalerie.us has so many free things for the listeners to enjoy.  Free masterclasses, yoga classes, wine suggestions.