Wealth, Yoga, Wine

Perception is all in our mind.  It is one of six mental faculties that Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey teach in a cool audio format. Their objective is to teach us how to strengthen our mental muscles: Imagination, Intuition, The Will, Memory, Reason and Perception.  Invest in their six audio lessons, Magic In Your Mind on my website.

Access for free, lesson one at my website www.chezvalerie.us. Click on WEALTH.  Try the two FREE Master classes they have on my website to REALLY gain some traction in your life's pursuit.

Kundalini Yoga correlates moon cycles with classes.  Hariprakaash, my virtual yogini, taught a full moon class last weekend. The full moon is a very powerful influence for women as it moves the universe to help us get what we desire.  A bit WOOWOO for some of you, I'm certain.

Wine- I have been discussing Portuguese wines and PORT is a delicious fortified wine made with specific varietals from Portugal. The wine is fortified with brandy or cognac, therefore it is high in alcohol. Visit my website, send me an email for food & wine pairing suggestions . www.chezvalerie.us