About Valerie Hail

Valerie Hail is a unique podcaster reaching global communities with her trio of unlikely topics, Wealth, Yoga, and Wine. Ms. Hail,  the former owner of Le Petit Chateau Inn, located in Hudson Valley, New York, intertwines her 23 years as an entrepreneur with each topic to enhance listeners lifestyle.


Wealth is a mindset. It has nothing to do with a bank account. Valerie studies with two preeminent transformation gurus, Bob Proctor, Proctor Gallagher Institute and Mary Morrissey, Brave Masters Thinking.


Valerie continues to practice Kundalini yoga, a dedicated believer in it’s benefits for over thirty years. She shares quick fixes via this specific yoga, the oldest yoga in the world, over 5,000 years.

Wealth, Yoga, Wine


Valerie’s expertise in the wine and spirits industry for over twenty three years concludes each podcast episode.

She is remarkable in using her expertise and transferable skills in the podcast, Wealth, Yoga, Wine.


Valerie added an additional service to her company, “It’s All In Your Mind Series.” Fear of Public Speaking is a  course designed to help people gain self confidence, poise and build character.


Ever being the rebel, things were changing in the professional speaking world, so much that, Valerie decided to teach herself podcasting during the Pandemic lockdown.


She now helps hundreds of people “ kick their fears to the curb” with her Fear of Public Speaking Mini-Courses.

Public Speaking Courses


Fear of Public Speaking Mini-Course is her first course addressing millions of people’s concerns. Her background in public speaking expertise includes over thirty years with Toastmasters clubs in Texas, New York and Florida.


She began this life long pursuit of public speaking in high school. She studied debate and speaking classes and fell in love with the process. Ms. Hail has been speaking professionally using her grounded knowledge from various speaking clubs.


They are designed with YOU in mind as the courses can be a “ONE and Done” or people can choose from the six genres available.


It’s easy to schedule on the Calendly link.

Any time EST and day can be checked on the Calendly link.


The evaluations are unique in that they focus on your strengths and make suggestions on how to accentuate those speaking attributes. No criticism ever!

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