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Meet Valerie Hail

Valerie Hail is a unique podcaster reaching global communities with her trio of unlikely topics, Wealth, Yoga, and Wine. Ms. Hail, the former owner of Le Petit Chateau Inn, located in Hudson Valley, New York, intertwines her 23 years as an entrepreneur with each topic to enhance listeners lifestyle.

Valerie studies with two preeminent transformation gurus, Bob Proctor, Proctor Gallagher Institute and Mary Morrissey, Brave Masters Thinking. She continues to practice Kundalini yoga, a dedicated believer in it’s benefits for over thirty years. She shares quick fixes via this specific yoga, the oldest yoga in the world, over 5,000 years.

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Wealth, Yoga, Wine Podcast

Wealth is not about your bank account. It is an abundance of health, relationships, your career, life and work balance. I have studied Kundalini yoga everyday for thirty years. My podcasts include links to virtual classes. Wine – I am a French wine expert and always include food and wine pairing tips.


Dr. Price Pritchett’s new book LUCKY YOU guides us on several aspects of LUCK: Your life is shaped by choice and chance Luck comes and

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