Public Speaking Courses

People have many reasons for engaging in public speaking, but the skills necessary for public speaking are applicable whether someone is speaking for informative, persuasive, or entertainment reasons. Taking a public speaking class will improve your speaking skills, help you be a more critical thinker, fine-tune your verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and help you overcome public speaking anxiety.


Effective public speaking skills have many direct benefits for the individual speaker, including influencing the world around you, developing leadership skills, and becoming a go-to person for ideas and solutions.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Unlock the power of your voice and conquer your fears with our Fear of Public Speaking course! Gain confidence, master effective communication techniques, and transform your presentations into captivating experiences. Embrace the spotlight and watch your self-assurance soar as you embark on this empowering journey to become a fearless and compelling speaker.

Six Private Lessons: $237

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Get Rid of Those Enemy Words Today

Get Rid of Those Enemy Words Today

Enroll today to become extraordinary in your communication skills, not ordinary. In one lesson you gain confidence, sharpen your communication skills, improving your first impression in any situation. Ace that interview, gain clarity in your elevator pitch and clinch that keynote speaker opportunity! You'll get personalized instruction and positive evaluation that focuses on your strengths.

One Private Lesson: $57

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