The Mindset to Try Something Different

Where do you even start if you want to change your “WHATEVER..”



Let’s take COCO GAUFF

youngest athlete at 19 years of age to win the US OPEN since 1999 to win. She tells us that she “adjusted slightly” 

Also her dad who said that "you need to change things up I can’t coach you any longer.."

Now that’s a seismic change..

She admits that .  

Try Something Different takes us to the Quantum leap.. they are unusual action steps:

And Price Pritchett says:

So let’s take a SMALL action  step to show you that CHANGE CAN happen when you TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT:

An easier example : I work in a very toxic environment.  I decided to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT and MAKE A CHANGE. Since I recognize that I can’t change the people or their toxic behavior…I CAN TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT..

I ASKED to be transferred to another Department.

Done! Human Resources said.

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