The Mindset of Misplaced Anger

Misplaced Anger Have you ever been shocked, nonplussed by someone's anger toward you, feeling as though the situation simply didn't warrant explosive anger?? We have all been there haven’t we. When we choose anger to deal with a misunderstanding..we simply don't have an "emotional vocabulary to repond in a healthier fashion.. The person who chose anger as the emotion to address a misunderstanding or a miscommunication ... DOESN'T HAVE An Emotional TOOL BOX in their repair tool box  ANY MISUNDERSTANDING TAKES TWO PEOPLE BOTH PARTIES ARE ACCOUNTABLE in their actions whether it’s a small, medium or big part that contributed to the misconception . How Many Emotions Can You Feel?  Take their short test. qyite fun   Kundalini yoga Fists of Anger Jujitsu link for an amazing self help exercice with fear and worry:   South African Wines WINE GLENELLY ESTATE WINES Glenelly Estate | World-Class Wine Estate in Stellenbosch
  • Lady May Estate Reserve Chardonnay butterscotch on the nose. The palate is lush and the creamy texture is underpinned with beautiful mineral notes of toasted almond and vanilla. The finish is fresh with great minerality and with a nervous energy about it.
  • The Estate Reserve Cabernet  is the signature red blend of Glenelly. Combines Syrah with Cabernet  Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The blend is different with every vintage.
  • Our premium range features a beautiful red Bordeaux blend and a wooded Chardonnay. 
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