The Mindset of Change

The mindset of Change 

“ LOOK INSIDE at what pulls at your consciousness, for there you’ll find direction” says Dr. Price Pritchett. 

“Your dreams, your desires, the thoughts that burn the hottest in your MIND ….point the way … to a new breakthrough..”

I left New York before I sold my 40 acres and three houses ( and retired from a lucrative wine career) because I wanted a different life: no blizzards, filling oil tanks for heating.. I yearned for year round biking and swimming.  Better opportunities for a new business venture that I started.

It was time to try something DIFFERENT.

Two other examples :

This is a MINDSET. He sees this opportunity.  It’s inside of him just like Pritchett guides us in his book YOU2

Simone Biles gone for two years.  Returns to stun us with this:

We all have greatness INSIDE OF US

Kundalini yoga - new beginnings help us make transitions

Wine - talk about CHANGES.  OH LALA

The south-west Languedoc region, the country’s largest wine area, known for its full-bodied reds, has been hit hard by the fall in wine demand.

The alcohol from destroyed wine can be sold to companies for use in non-food products such as hand sanitiser, cleaning products and perfume.

“We’re producing too much, and the sale price is below the production price, so we’re losing money,” said Jean-Philippe Granier, from the Languedoc wine producers’ association.

Change of seasons, change of food and wines 

Spain GULP click on the link


My Favorite Things


FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb

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