The Mindset of Venting

The Mindset of Venting There are seven rules to FAIR FIGHTING You can have a fight with your boss, a coworker, friend or loved one. Knowing the seven rules will really really improve your life! Two rules for this podcast: Ask permission to  VENT DON’T gunnysack Luckily I was in therapy for thirty years - on and off,  with the best person I could possibly have. She taught me sooo much. The last five years I studied with Mary Morrissey and she also teaches these principles. A link to her Masterclass is here and in my podcast notes. ( free class)   Kundalini yoga.  Why this is so important to practice this Kriya Fists of Anger   Wine - South Africa Robertson Vineyards  Most famous is EXCELSIOR Peter de Wet of Robertson vineyards, noted for Excelsior Wines. Listen to her fascinating interview here My focus is how the de Wet family created a joint venture with some of his 275 employees in order to keep them employed year -round. Risky and rewarding. Peter felt that apartheid destroyed so many lives that he and his family wanted to create better opportunities for them. Listen for this great contribution to South Africans.    MY FAVORITE THINGS Mary Morrissey is a beacon for guidance in relationships, vocation, time and money freedom link to her Masterclass   It's a life changer