The Mindset of Being Unprepared

The mindset of being unprepared - HURRICANES and other life challenges   Don’t overthink getting prepared, think like a minimalist. Less is more.  Do your research from reliable sources Reliable sources are NOT your friends Mass media will give extreme views  Do prepare for your pets ....and the “ what- if” something happens to YOU Who will take your pets Who will care for YOU. Even a small life insurance policy will give you peace of mind that there is money for the care of your pet and your “ after-life”.  Sounds weird but it’s reality. Quantum leap strategy DR. PRICE PRITCHETT - how to think DIFFERENTLY is what he teaches:   Kundalini yoga.. avoid Calamity   Wine - the changing of the seasons is upon us although we are STILL experiencing record heat all over.  Here are some cooling wines, low in alcohol and easy foods pairings: Vinho Verde - portugal, light, crisp and refreshing.. guacamole, Mediterranean style foods DRY RIESLING Herman Wiemer Trimbach a classic Alsatian riesling Pairs well with spicy foods, even Tex Mex, sushi,  An interesting article about people of color in the wine industry published by SevenFifty SevenFifty Daily meet wine professionals of color whose careers have been propelled by initiatives like The Roots Fund, Wine Unify, and The Hue Society: The Real Career Impact of DEI Organizations in Wine | SevenFifty Daily
  My Favorite Things   FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb MINICOURSE - created by Valerie Hail. Choose one class $57  Six classes $237 Here’s a quick video that is the introduction and first lesson. There is a free lesson in the video. People can choose one lesson or six consecutive lessons   Masterclass to create your online course by Julie Hood Is your Course idea any good FREE TEST @valeriehail56