Intuition: A Super Power to Listen to , then Act

Intuition is one of the six innate gifts that are our super powers.  Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor created a program " Into Your Genius" that explores the power of these gifts. They are mental muscles which we can exercise to create a better, more fulfilling life for us, our relationships, our business.

Into your genius 

In Memoriam, Guru Jagat died too young Monday, August 3, 9:07 pm PDT. She pioneered Kundalini yoga into Ra Ma Institute and the Aquarian Business School.

Kundalini Beauty Secrets with Shiva Rose + Guru Jagat, author of Invincible living

Chilled Red Wines for summer 

Summer Rose


Grand des Fers Fleurie

Lambrusco di Nicchia

El Capricho Assembage TTC

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