The Will – the key to getting the life you really want

The will is misunderstood by many as they believe that it involves, strength, force or coercion. On the contrary, your will is a mental faculty to be developed every day. The Will equals Attention, Focus, Commitment.

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Kundalini yoga - recently we did a New Moon class - a new moon is symbolic with new beginnings.  It is important that we learn how to act from our Heart Center.  Stop over thinking.  Use your heart to guide you to start something NEW.  Give and be grateful every day.

Wine - the forgotten wines to me are from Germany - except I included one from Alsace accidentally..Alsace used to be Germany anyway....these are all Rieslings

JJ Prum Riesling $31- $33 entry level.  Heaven in a Bottle

Trimbach- Alsace - easier on the budget $17- $19

Hermann J. Wiemer - Finger Lakes NY (surprise!!) $20

Try an Eiswein (Ice Wine) from any of these vintners