The Law of Vibration and Professional Selling

The Law of Vibration is the most important Law of the Universe as it attracts to us what we really want.  Learn how to incorporate the Law of Vibration to increase your profits in professional selling. The Law of Vibration impacts all businesses and relationships.

Scott Rosenbaum recently wrote an article that discusses the new world order of sales professionals.  The old way of casual drop in, not setting appointments and being an order taker are GONE.

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Kundalini Yoga- This Sikh introduces a kriya to stop our mental fears.  Bob Proctor relates to us that fear comes from doubt and worry - two emotions that cause disease and illness

The kundalini yoga Sikh shares that fear is in our DNA- it can come from our grandparents, our parents, our siblings.  Learn how to kick fear, doubt and worry to the curb. I wanted to provide "male energy" to my virtual kundalini links and this Sikh is the best..

Wine - to highlight Scott Rosenbaum's salient points, the new way of professional selling is to incorporate: Adaptability, Client Understanding, Digital Know-How and Business Savvy.

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