Be Your Walking, Talking Business Card

The Power of Your Words

You are your walking talking business card 

The power of your words can open doors to opportunities and achieving big dreams.

Conversely, the words that you choose can limit your opportunities and destroy achieving big dreams.

These words are our enemies: “ Um, Uh, Like, So.”  People stop listening when we use these words repeatedly.  You descend into oblivion when these utterances are constantly being used.  Our idea of leaders is someone who creates strong images with the choice of their words.

To be accomplished and successful use these words instead:

However, Therefore, In light of, To clarify..

Pause and breathe instead of using the filler words.

Another technique is to have a friend count your filler words. It’s embarrassing, but you’ll stop using them eventually.

These words and 140 more are our FRIENDS: 

ALLURING, ENTICING, FRENETIC, 137 more descriptive words on his IG account:


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