The Most Difficult Speech to Make is About Ourselves

The Most Difficult Speech to Make is About Ourselves

Reasons being: 

We wing it, we don’t prepare, we don’t use notes and we don’t practice an organized delivery.


This is why many speakers actually FREEZE at the podium when speaking about themselves.


The “ assumption “ is that they don’t need to prepare because they already know everything about themselves to tell..

Many times the biographical speech is a rambling hot mess.


Here are a few suggestions to help you be a success at the podium:

( and by the way, when you do a presentation, you are the walking, talking business card for you and your company)


A good speech has an introduction where you tell your audience what you will be presenting.

Use two or three topics maximum to let the audience know what to expect from your speech. 

I like to use a short, simple joke in my bio speeches. A question to the audience also works. 

You want to do something to get their attention in the first minute or two of your presentation. 

In the body tell them about your two or three points in a concise manner.

Don’t ramble. Be prepared to entertain, enlighten.

Conclusion- wrap it up by a summary of your points

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