Do You Have What it Takes to be a Good Storyteller

Do you have what it takes to be a good story teller?

It’s a trick question because I’m specifically talking about professional speaking with an audience. Maybe a wedding.  Or a eulogy

Here’s what it takes:  Has to be about you or something you know by heart. 

No NOTES.  True story.  Funny is better than dramatic

I share an old story about my prankster days when I was a corporate researcher. Listen to the podcast. You can’t write funny.

Kundalini yoga can be funny 



The four-level gravity-fed cellar is one of the most modern in the country. It was sunken on the eastern side of an old quarry, which means that it is only exposed to the gentle morning sun and protected from the harsh heat of the afternoon. The 300sqm glass facade gives the building natural light which reduces electricity consumption and creates a much better and safer working environt for the team.

Concrete was used in the construction of the cellar for a reason: it is thermally very stable and needs very little energy to maintain a required ambient temperature. 15 kilometres of pipes snake through the walls and ceilings, with cold water running through them. This results in 70% energy savings, compared to a traditional cooling system.



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