Your Still Small Voice

Your Still Small Voice- INTUITION is that hunch, that inner voice that whispers to you: make that call, send that email, purchase the ticket ..this higher faculty calls on us to use our mind to create specific images.   Your body is an instrument of the MIND.  BOB PROCTOR describes this technique that was developed in 1934 by a holistic DR .  That Dr. realized that  we are only treating symptoms.  Listen as Bob describes the stick figure. Having trouble maintaining your perfect weight?  Herein lies the solution and it’s NOT THE KETO or ANY diet.

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Kundalini Yoga


Wine - the majesty of Bordeaux  ST EMILLION CLASSIFICATION 1955

Grand Cru classe 🌟

⭐️⭐️⭐️Premier Grand cru classe  Cheval Blanc most famous in st Emillion    Mostly Cab Franc

MOST FAMOUS   St Emillion  limestone NOT GRAVEL..

Pomerol** MIXTURE of CLAY. CHATEAU HAUT SURGET LALANDE DE POMEROL. MOST FAMOUS in Pomerol Chateau Petrus heavy iron rich clay soil BUT close to drainage channels..  Very special soil at the plateaus of Pomerol & St Emillion  Great value wines are the satellite’s Montagne St Emillion Casitillon Cotes de Bordeaux

FUN FACT   No 1855 grand cru classifications in the RIGHT BANK.


RIGHT BANK IS CLASSIFIED as GRAND vin only. Entre deux Mers between two rivers  Garonne & Dordogne  Sauvignon Blanc. Semillion



Merlot adds flesh to the 

Cabernet muscular and complex

Cabernet franc ripens before Cabernet- adds spice & violet no

Petit Verdot also spicy and ripens last