Your Six Super Powers

Super powers recap these are the Universal truths   Learn more listening to Into Your Genius. It’s a program you own all your life so enroll now!


Imagination is the workshop of the mind


Intuition-  prayer is when we talk  to God/ Spirit

But intuition is when God speaks to US


The WILL is one of the most misunderstood of our innate gifts 



Memory Bob Proctor says that we all have a perfect memory 


Reason -what differentiates man from the animal kingdom 



Perception POV.  How you perceive a situation is what will make or break your destiny..


Nothing is beyond our capacity.

These six innate gifts are super powers.  You strengthen them everyday ..Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey guarantee you will be in the top 1 % of high achievers

Kundalini Yoga and meditation THE GONG. Out of body experience..



Wednesday May 25 Soothe our Souls Wellness series

15 min MEDITATION | Learn meditation to reset your mind towards grateful appreciation. Instructor: Kerry Kopasek of

20 min CHAIR YOGA | Instruction on how to perform stretching and yoga while seated. This class is perfect for those who work at a computer daily, travel, and/or have restricted mobility. Instructor: Angie Beaver

35 min REFLEXOLOGY INSTRUCTION | Learn reflex points to perform massage on self . 


Wine  Soothe our Souls is having a fundraiser.  You can choose the dockside wine and cheese or go for the whole enchilada and sail

Valerie Hail

Podcaster/ Producer
Wealth, Yoga, Wine podcast