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The X factor is the element that ties it all together for us to achieve our big dreams, our big goal.  Dr. Price Pritchett explains that it is DESIRE, your burning desire that is the X Factor. Be Self Directed.  Bring your young adults into these teachings.  Have them watch the free masterclasses on my website www.chezvalerie.us

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Kundalini yoga -virtual classes for young adults - also FREE..and sign up for Hariprakaash's virtual classes.  She has a lovely YouTube site.  You can take virtual classes from her anytime from her YouTube channel. All the links are on her website also.  Click the YOGA tab on my website..

Wine - Ports- Casa de Santa Eufemia is worth discovering.. Beautiful products.  West Cork Distillery is one of the best and purest Irish Whiskeys in the market.  

Both products are very affordable.  Let me know where you live and I'll find a place that ships..