Wealth, Yoga, Wine Heart Centered Management

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Quantum Leaps are achieved through heart centered desires and choices. When you take Quantum Leaps, you have entered the realm of untold opportunities and possibilities.  Dr. Price Pritchett teaches us the strategy for Quantum leaps, and he developed the concept of You Squared (you2). Dr. Pritchett is one of the world's leading business management authors.

Kundalini Yoga is a natural venue for learning the practice of opening your heart through the heart chakra. Why open your heart? To learn forgiveness, avoid anger and prevent cancer.

Cape Classics is world renown for importing top South African wines.  For over twenty six years, they have imported every day "entry level" wines to outstanding collector Wines. Excelsior wines are one of their entry level imports that we call a quaffer and a patio pounder.  Each vintage establishes Cape Classics as a must have every day wine. Simple on its own, lovely with various meals. www.capeclassics.com