Wealth, Yoga, Wine :Paradigms

Paradigms are limiting beliefs, but we can also have good paradigms.

If you find yourself saying "I can't, I don't " change those words to "I CAN,  I AM."

Remember that thoughts become things, which in turn produce feelings.

Those feelings create a vibration, that vibration creates an attraction.  Therefore attract the GOOD.

Kundalini Yoga - instructions and the reasons WHY you will want to incorporate a cold shower in your daily routine. brrrrrr

Wine -Cru Beaujolais- one of my absolute favorites- Morgon and Julianas - big, masculine wines, Fleurie and Brouilly- feminine, floral, luscious.

Two of my favorite wine stores are Mazzaros in St. Petersburg and West Palm wines in Ybor City.  Great selections at both places. Highly recommended.

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