Wealth, Yoga, Wine OPEN YOUR GIFTS



Open Your Gifts - Price Pritchett tells us and what are your gifts?  Your talents and as Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor and Price Pritchett instruct us - your Higher Faculties are also Gifts. www.protchettnet.com 

Your imagination is essential to discovering your talents. Tyler Perry shares with us his use of imagination in this video https://youtu.be/6kCIyph2ANU

Simone Biles, our four time Olympic gold medal winner, is a world champion gymnast   She unfortunately, also had an abusive gymnast coach. Here's her video


Never let your present day circumstances stop your DREAMS is what both achievers teach us.

Kundalini yoga teaches us to let go.  When you let go, the past stays behind you. Even more important is to forgive.  That's a quantum leap. www.hariprakaash.com my virtual yoga teacher.

Wine- CHILLED red wines are on the menu now: Cru Beaujolais; Saint Amour and Brouilly, Lambrusco and homemade sangria.

Mary Morrissey 8 Spiritual Secrets to More Abundance 


8 spiritual secrets to multiplying your Abundance