Wealth, Yoga, Wine Mistakes are Your FRIEND


"I am indebted to my mistakes", Dr. Price Pritchett tells us. Why are we so afraid to make mistakes?  Because we'll feel embarrassed, mortified, a failure.  We have all been there...so what..It's a perception not a reality. Quantum Leaps are obtained through mistakes- which is one of the many invaluable teachings that Price shares with us in his book You2 (You squared)

Kundalini Yoga -Guru Jagat is another virtual teacher from whom I take classes. She also has a teaching forum called Ra Ma Business School.  Worth taking the classes. Ra Ma Business School, support@gurujagat.com

Wine- two trending wines "Pet-Nat" is short for Petillant Naturel is also known as the methode ancestral, Natural Sparkling Wine.  Orange Wine is white grapes left in contact with the skins and seeds.  Thus after a few months the wine will have a slight orange or amber color . These are natural wines, a little funky,   worth experimenting.  Liquorama in Hyde Park has a great one from Spain and in a liter bottle for about $17.00