Wealth, Yoga, Wine: Adversity/ Silver Linings

Dr. Price Pritchett is most known for a tiny but powerful booklet YOU2. His recent book promotes the idea that when adversity strikes, we naturally react with dangerous thoughts.  The key is to focus on the potential good.  This takes lots of practice as that's unnatural for most. Thoughts become things.  Even tragedy will guide us to the potential upside.

Kundalini Yoga has a kriya for Mercurey in Retrograde..this planetary influence will cause our projects to slow down and even come to a halt. You can manage this influence with yoga..

Wine- there is an uptick in VEGAN wines - many wines are filtered with animal products ...those that aren't filtered at all are already VEGAN.  Simply look for unfiltered wines..

And it's Valentine's Day almost. I'm a bubble head, most women love bubbles. I realize guys are in this romantic holiday also and prefer big reds.. cabernet, Malbec, zinfandel. (perfect matches for dark Chocolate)

However, choose bubbles for the end of a romantic evening.