Wealth, Yoga, Wine

Dreambuilder's Live was this past weekend and it is a virtual, three day, intense immersion program...from the comfort of your cozy couch.

I love working with Mary Morrissey and her "crew" because the summit causes me to stretch in order to make a life that I love possible. With their guidance, it helps me ignore all the people who tell me that my dreams, ambitions and goals are impossible.

My takeaways were: Do It Afraid and Stay the Course..

Yoga - we just passed the full moon.  My yoga teacher will guide you through some powerful kriyas that can propel you to achieve your goals quicker.  Especially for women

Spanish wines are my second favorite region.  Rueda is an appellation in Northern Spain, Castillo y Leon.  Cooler climates produces unctuous and creamy wines. Verdejo is the predominant grape.  Perfect with risotto

www.chezvalerie.us has lots more information.

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