Wealth, Yoga, Wine

Peggy McColl has a great new book out -SAVY WISDOM- it's similar to a parable.  I know from working with Peggy that it is also a true story about her.  The book opens with a high schooler contemplating suicide.  Every chapter has a life teaching example.  This book is perfect for you, your family, spouse and children, coworkers.

Kundalini yoga is a powerful yoga.  One aspect that I particularly appreciate, is the simple teachings such as the correct way to breathe to alleviate stress and anger.  I also appreciate the beautiful yoga music that I have discovered from each class. www.chezvalerie.us. click on YOGA to sign up for HariPrakaash virtual classes.

Wine- Mazzarros and West Palm wines are two of my favorite retail stores.  Great Rose's- my preferred libation and Champagnes.  St. Petersburg and Ybor City, respectively.

For history, this podcast was produced on January 6, 2021. It was one of the most horrific days in our government's history. Pro-Trumpers stormed our Capital, desecrated it with their violent actions and terrorized DC