Trying Harder Kills Success

If you just try harder you can do a lot better? Right? This is a self imposed trap that  Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey teach us that we become so determined to stay with our old ways that give us the  same old  results .  Reasoning faculties- meaning our ability to think things through for better results comes from believing in Quantum Leaps. 
Bob quotes Price Pritchett in his book YOU2 Quit trying harder. More of the same will get you zero

You have to shift gears

New patterns of thought.. unconventional approaches is what creates Quantum Leaps , making you , YOU2 effortless,

Stubbornness and blind determination  kill our chances for success. In their groundbreaking audio,

Mary & Bob illustrate that our ability to think and reason is mankind’s highest function. 

Into your Genius

Back in the early 1970’s, Captain Dan Peretz began taking guests out on his sail boat for one simple reason – so he could go sailing every day! Working directly off the beach near The Don Cesar Beach Resort … an idea was born to create a Full Service Charter Boat Center offering exceptional boating experiences on a wide range of services. Captain Dan tirelessly works to promote the bay area’s unspoiled nautical beauty today.

Kundalini yoga New moon kriyas again!  HARIPRAKAASH @hariprakaash, abundance & prosperity.  Plant your seeds for abundant health, relationships, vocation, more time & money freedom. 

 Guru Jagat 


Wine- Basque- a region unto itself, dates back to Stone Age, fiercely independent, own language, culture , revered gastronomic influence such as pintxo - small plates .  According to Demaison Selections, “ In the late 1980’s, a small group of passionate agriculturalists, including Uriondo and Doniene Gorrondona, began to resurrect traditional Basque winemaking in the region. This groundbreaking work resulted in the revival of txakolina and creation of the Bizkaiko Txakolina D.O. in 1994. Cultivated on small holdings halfway up hillsides and protected from the north winds, vineyards are at altitudes between 50 to 200 meters above sea level.“



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This is a kriya to destress your Brain calls it BRAIN ACUPUNTURE


Ameztoi - inventor of Txakoli rose’. “ Rubentis”


Hondarrabi Zuri, hondarrabi beltza. WHITES