Time Management vs TASK Management

Time management vs TASK MANAGEMENT 

There is no such thing as Time Management even though we hear this repeatedly.

We all have twenty four hours in our days. 

The TASKS - our ACTIONS - are what leads us to completion ..reachung our goals, achieving success.Trying to manage the clock, is similar to managing the  moon phases, the sun, the stars.  Here’s an example: 

I recently took a class from Julie Hood of Course creator HQ, the primo instructor of online courses.  ( Thanks to her course instruction, I have my online class teaching people how to overcome their fear of public speaking).

She has a twenty year process that she developed called TLC. The idea is that whatever company, product, idea we are selling, these three TASKS will lead to greater results.

Check out the podcast to hear more.

“ ONLY 4 Systems That You Need “


Course Creator Podcast



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WINE Myths and Trends the articles :


Sulfite sensitivity affects about 1% of the population. Wine usually has about 150 ppm of sulfur added whereas dried fruit has 1000 ppm.

Sulfites are used to kill unwanted bacteria and yeasts in the winemaking process. Since 1987, American producers have been required to mention the presence of sulfur if it exceeds 10 parts per million (ppm) in the finished wine. The EU recently passed a similar labeling law in 2005.

The laws are designed to help protect the small percentage of people who are sensitive to sulfur and should not be confused with the myth that sulfites in wine can give you a wine headache.

It’s easy to understand why sulfite additions are such a basic tool of winemaking. Sulfur dioxide (SO2, also commonly referred to as sulfites) is an effective antibacterial and antioxidant agent in wine, and sulfur-based products are also effective against fungal diseases and other pests in the vineyard.

However, using sulfites is far from neutral: they have wide-ranging effects on the chemistry of wine. Just to name a few issues, they can cause potential reductive issues and affect fruity aromatics, they can cause color bleaching, and they’re also irritating for workers who deal with fairly high amounts during winemaking operations. Also, beyond the often-exaggerated concerns about headaches and other issues for wine drinkers, the trend towards natural wine has given them a bad rap.


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FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb

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Here’s a quick video that is the introduction and first lesson. There is a free lesson in the video.

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Masterclass to create your online course by Julie Hood

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