Digital Nomads: A New Frontier for Entrepreneurs

Digital Nomads stats

16.9 million (USA) have “ditched the office” for this new adventurous work and lifestyle.  Double that world wide for this trend.

These folks are not living paycheck to paycheck either.  According to Nick’s research on average, their monthly income is $4.5 (USA). 

People think that the digital nomad life is for the young and adventurous.  Not so.  Their numbers increasingly are 50’s and 60’s because they want to work but on their own projects, their own time, their own location.  

For instance, Portugal has it’s own visa specifically for Digital Nomads.  

Nick interviews several digital nomads on his podcast Algarve Addicts

I Check out the podcast Digital Nomads in Paradise, Exploring Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Five musts DO 

A viable business:  LLC,  S Corporation, Inc , sole proprietorship 


Internet connection 


Also, I am a big believer in learning the basics of any foreign language when moving to your destination.  For European Portuguese try Liz Sharma - online classes.   I have studied with her for almost year via YouTube.


Digital nomads are individuals who work remotely while traveling the world. They use technology to perform their work, communicate with colleagues and clients, and manage their business affairs from any location.

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