The Mindset of the Kamikaze Atittude

What’s the longest time that you have followed your DREAM and not achieve it?
I know someone - a talented musician- who would be going on fifty years, relentlessly, wanting just one hit and he’d feel this is the jackpot for his big dream.
I am including one of his songs called Richmond Nights. John Hudson, singer, songwriter, left handed guitarist.
As you watch Mat Boggs in his video about his  Kamikaze attitude, John certainly has SOME of that perseverance. Mat Bogs tells his story of his big dream to be a first string college running back when all the odds were against him. Too small, not enough muscle, coach turned him down

But it takes more. 

t’s a mindset foremost.
And that’s the key to having a KAMIKAZE attitude.  
Then take action steps.
For John’s mindset, I’m trying something different and promoting his music on my podcasts. 
(His contact info  is in this podcast details. )


Kundalini  yoga for kids


Wine : Stoutridge

www.stoutridge winery and distillery 

The natural wines that Stoutridge already produce is what lead to the eco friendly and environmentally astute DISTILLATION processes @ Stoutridge.

There is an intriguing spirituality at Stoutridge:

Incorporating chakras into the winery and distillery and orchestrated music such as Chopin’s Scherzo 2 as an inspiration creating Absinthe Verte. Can you hear the FROG “ sounds” from this piece?

Chakra inspired Absinthe Vishudda,Manipura,Advaita,Anahata

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