Laughing in the Face of Adversity

Laughter can over come adversity, tragedy, bring a community closer

Summer is a time to slow down, give us a mental break. 

Everyone is experiencing tragedy upon tragedy in today's world..

This podcast will help you with your mental health this summer .

I am not being irreverent to our grieving communities, our world tragedies.

However, one’s mind can not stay healthy without an alternative to progress past sadness...HUMOR is a safe outlet:

Watch this hilarious dog video by Tony Baker who does animal voice overs.


(It's Kid safe so please let them laugh with you.)

Laughing lightens the spirit, can cure sadness, make us warriors to carry on for ourselves and others.

Kundalini yoga - please let your children participate in HARIPRAKAASH’s virtual yoga class this summer… make it part of Summer Camp.

Hariprakaash CHILDREN YOGA


And for the adults - graceful aging - Guru Jagat and Shiva Rose giggle like two little girls… so good for the soul.

Another idea: watch this short biographical documentary  on the ZEN MASTER "Cloud Never Dies" Thich Nhat Hanh.  It includes ACTION steps!


Wine: this is a must visit destinationation adventure!

This unique winery and distillery is the only facility in the US to have the traditional Scottish style kilning floor  (ask Steve for the details!!). Distillery is outfitted with an array of pot stills and column stills like the two, five-plate Christian Carl Stills and an impressive 30 plate pot still for vodka production.

It is further outfitted with infrared and steam furnaces, gravity flow, and 300 solar panels.  Place is amazing.

Reservations for tour and tastings: 

OR stop by but I definitely suggest a DEEP DIVE into the distillery.... so make a reservation

Thursday - Sunday 11am - 6 pm 845-236-7620 

10 Ann Kaley Lane, Marlboro, NY 12542

SHOP for pick up (no shipping)



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