The Mindset of Not Quiting

The Mindset of NOT QUITTING  CLICK BELOW to hear I CAN'T DO THIS AGAIN recorded professionally The courage to let yourself be VULNERABLE  John Hudson has still not given up after 50 years  He has the mindset of NOT QUITTING   PRICE PRITCHETT says  Hard Optimism helps develop the thought patterns that build resilience…that serve as a buffer against stress…that energize, empower, and enhance performance in virtually all circumstances. Practices include:
  • Control the life-shaping power of your thoughts and attitudes
  • Use positive reappraisal to handle problems and disappointments
  • Know how and when to use negative thinking
  • Act the way you want to feel
     Hard Optimism in my podcast episode EXPLAINED in DETAIL     JOHN HUDSON' s contact  512 426 3603 Favorite Things  @valeriehail56