Ten Mistakes that We all Make on the First Date

Top Ten Mistakes We All Make  on a First Date 1) Being Negative - you want the date to be fun 2) Asking “Daterview “ Questions- don’t grill your date 3) Being rude to the wait staff , someone who takes your money.. at a sporting event etc.. ( the date might think that  you will eventually exhibit the same “bad manners” to them.. 4) Talking about your former relationships - being resentful, angry etc. .. you can sound like  the victim if you insist on speaking about being mistreated 5) Trying too hard.. https://youtu.be/us6ulhKk2z0 Listen to the video to hear Mat tell us the other 5 mistakes  We all make these mistakes but Mat shows us THE WAY to have fun even on that nerve racking first date He says : "What are YOUR GIFTST THAT YOU’RE SHARING WITH THE WORLD  !!!" BONUS: This video is hilarious and it’s Mat telling his story about having a KAMIKAZE ATTITUDE.  MUST WATCH. https://youtu.be/AZ82MEd2C1o   Kundalini Yoga OPEN YOUR HEART.  Have you been betrayed, have a broken heart, BEEN MISTREATED we've all been there … this kriya helps mend a broken heart, forgive and move past it. https://youtu.be/WUnoe9gyVfo   Wine- CORK PRODUCTION— yep wine corks and they are created from CORK TREES only grown in PORTUGAL.  Check out the video https://bit.ly/4481JI8 https://aroundtheworldin80harvests.com/2018/07/29/wine-corks-how-made-guide-cork-harvest/   Cork forests and cork terroir Corks are made from the bark of cork trees, from Quercus suber trees, to be precise. It sounds simple enough, but the life cycle of a cork tree is actually very complex and you usually can’t make a decent wine cork from a tree until it is almost 50 years old. Before getting into the harvest, there are several factors that are important to the ‘terroir’ of a wine cork. Cork terroir tip 1: The climate Cork trees are best grown in Mediterranean climates – with warm and dry summers and mild, wet winters. This is why most wine corks are produced in the Mediterranean basin: Portugal, Spain, France and on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Why does cork best suit the Mediterranean climate? Portugal and the Mediterranean is the origin of the tree and the species needs warmth, sunshine and dry weather – especially in the harvest season (summer). Cork trees don’t like too much water on their roots, which brings us to… https://aroundtheworldin80harvests.com/2018/07/29/wine-corks-how-made-guide-cork-harvest/   MY FAVORITE THINGS vahail1956@gmail.com For a class with more depth, check out Mat’s guide  https://go.lifemasteryinstitute.com/i/?p=Vahail&w=BF_EVG_SLAK     Masterclass to create your online course by Julie Hood Is your Course idea any good FREE TEST https://imonline.samcart.com/referral/idea/mP9iBKaKULc8ktmx   FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb MINICOURSE created by Valerie Hail. Choose one class $57  Six classes $237 Here’s a quick video that is the introduction and first lesson. There is a free lesson in the video. People can choose one lesson or six consecutive lessons  http://bit.ly/3Z6R6Cp www.chezvalerie.us.  @valeriehail56