5 Tips For Texting a Person to Whom You Are Attracted

Texting someone you are attracted to https://youtube.com/shorts/EjDWDRv6wJs?feature=share   5 Secrets to Texting Someone You Might Like | Dating Advice for People by Mat Boggs Don’t text your entire day, don’t text you’re bored,    Playfulness and Planning   Meaning is it going to brighten someone's day when they hear from you   Planning as in logistics: where, when, what time    Add value to that person’s life meaning avoid depending on them to create your life experiences   https://youtube.com/shorts/Vhmaaca8aCc?feature=share   Kundalini yoga - options to summer camp.  Yoga and meditation  https://youtu.be/aiH-Ic3U2JE     Wine-  Portugese wine is in the news again   10 best wine tours & tastings in Portugal 2023 | Winetourism.com https://www.winetourism.com/wine-tasting-tours-in-portugal/
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