Pushing the Envelope: Competition Kills Creativity and Your Spirit

Pushing the envelope: Competition kills Creativity and Your Spirit


The Women’s Worldcup ended in disaster for the us, the United States … that is, according to the team mates, sports writers and announcers. 

Listen up and then I’ll comment on why this competitive attitude killed their chances. 

'USWNT is playing to not lose, not playing to win'" 


Here’s an example of a recent “ clear the benches” scenario- same thing..

Competition killed the usual camaraderie



Why do these two sports examples exemplify how competition kills creativity and spirit?

Because one’s imagination, vision of being creative in your sport is more focused on winning instead of focusing on your ELITE SPORT TALENT and SKILLS.

A famous coach (basketball) only showed the team’s strengths after each game. They WON SEVENTY - SEVEN CONSECUTIVE GAMES. ( not lost 😞 oops)

He NEVER focused or even mentioned what they did wrong..

That’s the idea here.

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