Competition is killing Your Business

One of the Biggest Myths in Business is to kill the competition.
However, competition is killing the spirit of your business.
WHY?? Because the negative spirit of rivalry, competitors' price gouging to gain market share is destructive. It's more important to Create your own identity, your own level of service and NICHE: -- collaborate, assist, share , GIVE CREDIT and thanks when people help you : example:
I contacted JR SPARROW @wvuncommonplace, to be on his show as a guest, he reached out and gave me some recording tips, guided me toward resources and lastly gov. Grants. He is a "wealthy" man, rich in resources. His podcast is eclectic, enriching and enlightening.  Worth being a subscriber
Jr Sparrow is such a great interviewer. He brings out the best in his guests and closes the episodes with a heartfelt message that leaves everyone feeling great   Recent titles: SPIES ON THE SIDELINES
“ Michelle from My Come Back Podcast and I work together in a co host effort and talk about where do you go from a heart break … “…
K- Yoga - a slight diversion as one of my favorite non-profits, SOOTHE OUR SOULS, has their annual fundraiser- online, in person and virtual. check out the TV interview from WFLA
If you would like to donate money, gift certificates, lodging, dinner gift cards here is that link.
Donations accepted to OCTOBER 22, 2022
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Wine- 4 th and Vine is donating the basic wine club Fall Into Our Wine Club! to SOOTHE OUR SOULS  fundraising event. 
They will be the ONLY wine store in the auction
Have you joined our wine club yet? Each month, you’ll receive wines hand selected for you by Edith based on your individual preferences (no two selections are exactly the same!), plus discounts on events, and an extra 5%off all of your purchases (this adds up fast!)!
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