Rich Boggs asks the question, What is your default response to sweaty conflicts ?  Avoid, Oblige, Compromise, Dominate?... Listen for more tips on resolving uncomfortable conflicts, even in a corporate environment.

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Kundalini Yoga 

This studio teaches Kundalini teachers and other types of teacher training.  A sample of their schedule is below. Teacher training classes in Kundalini yoga AND Authentic Yoga Teacher Training

Authentic Yoga Teacher Training  with Cindy Bartz

This is a kriya to destress your Brain calls it BRAIN ACUPUNCTURE


 Wine stores and the wine industry‚Ķ why choose a good wine store. Dan Spadola has been in the industry for sixteen years.. maybe more..  He is now the head wine guru and leader of Suburban wines.  And congratulations to a person who has reached an incredible dream to be the new owner of Suburban.  Listen to the reasons why you should choose a great wine store. Access their website here and sign up for their daily newsletter for great wine reviews. www.suburban 


Valerie Hail