Your Mind- Tethering the Jumping Monkey

Mary Morrissey tells us that the South East Asians acknowledge that our negative thoughts are a runaway monkey and they require tethering constantly.

Learn the three easy steps to kick negativity to the curb and incorporate empowering thoughts.

Kundalini yoga teaches us a calming breath that will also tackle the negative thought process - left nostril breathing. Mary also teaches us a breath that calms the mind when we wake up at 3:00 am with the jumping monkey in full activity.

Wine- Champagne demystified and it's competitor, Prosecco, explained. Examples of great Champagne and a few Prosecco:

Noteworthy house styles are Perrier-Jouet, Kruger, Pol Roger and Billecart - Salmon.

Pricing begins at about $49 to $70 for the entry level generic wine.

Zonin is the only Prosecco I truly enjoy.  I'm a snob..Scarpetta is enjoyable also...might be difficult to find however