You Can’t Attract What You Criticize

You can’t attract what you criticize 

Price Pritchett is a leader in corporate change and management techniques.  I study his digital books and recordings constantly.

Visit his website and order HARD OPTIMISM and YOU2 ( you squared). $10 each. The best investment you will ever make. Manage your negativity by tapping down the negative thoughts - it makes room for the GOOD. Listen to my podcast for the three suggestions he knows will help us manage adversity and challenges.

Yoga and meditation 

The Womens Meditation Network provides free and virtual meditation classes specifically designed for women. 

Two of my favorite are 

Water and Nature sounds for Women

Daily Affirmations Meditation for Women


Made in Meditation is also one of my favorites because Kerry has childrens’ meditations and art projects.

Both websites provide free and virtual classes.

There are fee based classes also.



Dry January or any other month

Many of us are transitioning from booze and wine to NO alcohol.

One of my favorite MOCKTAILS is cranberry relish ( home made NOT CANNED and not juice.). Combine this with Q GINGER BEER.

A great book if you are exploring sobriety: SOBER CURIOUS by Ruby Warrington



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