Two Things I wish I Learned in my Forties

Two practices I wish I knew twenty years ago

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How to manifest AND Keep my big DREAMS to myself

Number one:   How to manifest "quickly":..

Create a Blueprint for a life you deserve

It involves using your IMAGINATION 

MIX in Bold ideas and thinking

Live it

Then bring that FUTURE to you, TODAY

EXAMPLE- The sale of my 40 acres, two houses and the renovated farmhouse into Le Petit Chateau

Six years to sell it because I grew to hate the property as it tied me down even though I had staff.

I was also working full time in the fine wine industry.

I realized that I had to relocate, MOVE from the property to a different state where I could bike, swim .. sail 

Florida beach area became my goal.

Even though l moved to FLORIDA I was not practicing manifesting.

I still hated everything about the NY PROPERTY.

I BEGAN to see and feel a new life .

I also took an unconventional step and hired an Auctioneer because the real estate agents were useless.

It sold quickly within mere days and to the BEST PEOPLE EVER … my neighbors, who didn’t want developers, bought the property.

The other aspect I wish I had learned earlier:

Number two: How to keep quiet about my big dreams

No one supported me about my big dreams

Moving to Florida

The right buyer etc.

And that slowed my manifestation process

The quickest way for you to learn these processes is through Mary’s program DREAMBUILDER.   HERE is a link to her Masterclass.

Are we trying to “ sell you something?” You better believe it…a life that you deserve and a process and proven system to achieve just that! 

And YOU can share your big dreams and goals with ME!

Kundalini Yoga


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