Tools for Forgiveness in the Workplace

The Law of Forgiveness has a place in our corporate environment. The reasoning is that this practice can improve the bottomline, employee morale and loyalty.

Kundalini yoga invokes the science of sound.  Here are two songs that are for calm and healing. (Ra ma da sa)

A Thousand Suns

Ra Ma Da Sa / Mirabai Ceiba (A Hundred Blessings)

Thousand Suns is a good wake up song.

If you were to choose one virtual class to do here it is:


End of summer Rose's - I love rose' all year.. however for those who believe they are only for Sping and Summer:  4th and Vine Wine Shop inSt. Petersburg, Florida has these offerings:

Paul D (liter bottle) Austria.  Zweigelt is the varietal. nice delicate flavor profile of ripe strawberries, white peaches.  Goes well with grilled vegetables, delicate fish such as halibut and simple tapas.

Mariana from Portugal- Espadeiro' and Padeiro', more full bodied, ripe dry cranberries, dried cherries. Pair with lighter meats and seasonings, dill, basil. 

Cremant D"Alsace Rose' Sparkling- Pinot Noir, heartier flavors in this bottle, dry red berries, pair with rich sauces, scallops, salmon. Always grilled vegetables.