The Psychosis of Instagram

The Psychosis of Instagram, Social Media 

Why are we so compelled to strive for LIKES, VIEWS, FRIENDS,  GOING VIRAL?”

Price Pritchett, Ph.D. guides us to believe in our potential for the  ability to CREATE. We are here to create something powerful, unique and even spiritual that lasts through eternity.

He teaches us that schools that give “ failing” grades to children are teaching them that they are FAILURES even at a young age. 

The schools set them up for the inability to experiment, to think differently, to use their imagination, to take RISKS!!

When we relish these numbers on social media we are feeding our minds a type of psychosis.

Example.. I experienced this and backed out of a class that was teaching vital (NOT viral ) information and techniques.

However, this teaching simply didn't ring TRUE with my inner values.

I don’t need to create something that is based on views, likes or going viral.

My mission is to serve others and help them create a blueprint for a life they deserve:

That process begins with changing a mindset, through the process of journaling.

Then guiding people to Tap Down the NEGATIVE.

LASTLY, daily visioning. Price Pritchett teaches us these same steps in his short book You2 Strategy. (You squared strategy)

Remember that “ I AM MORE POWERFUL AND and contain more POTENTIAL than any circumstance, situation or condition."  Mary Morrissey

Kundalini yoga -

How to manage social media 

This is a kriya to destress your Brain calls it BRAIN ACUPUNTURE


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