The Mindset of No Holiday Shopping

GIFT IDEAS THAT CREATE EXPERIENCES. and they won't go tpo the landfill... If YOU LIVE LOCALLY in Florida...OR PLAN TO ESCAPE WINTER ( St. Pete Beach or GULPORT Florida for you locals )  DOLPHIN LANDINGS gift certificates for sailing expeditions on Boca Ciega Bay Visit their website GIFT CERTIFICATES THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE. DO SOMETHING UNIQUE and purchase a gift certificate for an incredible year round gift. 🎁🎁🎁 727-360-7411 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 Gift certificates to DOLPHIN LANDINGS  last minute shopping: A phenomenal woman owned businesses that I am grateful for is KiraGrace The most special aspect of this company is their dedication to women .. check out their wevsite and see their free offerings Free gift ideas to create your OWN gift bag, basket, or gift box:    5 Easy Fall Detox Regimen Ideas   WELLOW - amazing compression socks and they have a great blog with recycling ideas.  Company is based in NEW YORK.   Kundalini Yoga - High blood pressure management! With Qi Chong I am incorporating ju jitsu with my K- yoga practices... I highly recommend this practice as it is so easy to do... it has your ten fingers as the only necessary "equipment."     Holiday sparkling wines - I feel one of the best is Gruet from New Mexico. I prefer the Rose’. $13.99 in most stores

Gruet Winery

Gruet Winery
My Favorite Things
John Hudson, singer, songwriter, left handed guitarist- is included as "one of my favorite things...people, artists, muscians...
I'm manifesting that he becomes a "ONE HIT WONDER" by 2024.
John Hudson thinks this is his "happiest song".
However, I prefer this song over John's choice ...because you can DANCE TO IT
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