Some people say that this is Rose’ season – that summer is for Rose’. However, having sold French wine, predominantly, in New York, for over twenty-five years, those of us in the industry, drink Rose’ all year. Why? Several reasons: They are great food wines, they are produced world wide (almost) and they are as varied in their flavor profile as the countries that vinify them.


Lastly, they are affordable.


My three favorite Rose’s however are from three countries even though I am unabashedly a Francophile, loving all things French.


Chateau Pigoudet is from Provence, France and the estate is lovely and charming. It is family owned, sustainable farming and they grow Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Cabernet. Provence is quite hot especially in the summer with red chilled . These varietals produce an elegant Rose’ that is so easy to drink. The color is quite pale, very light blush, which comes from very little contact with the skins. While it is a delicate wine, the elegance lends its flavor to dishes that are also simple: a delicate fish such as lake trout, salad Nicoise and goat cheese with sun dried tomatoes and olives.


Chateau Pigoudet

$ 14- $17

Landhaus Mayer Rose’, Austria, is stunning. The color is a vibrant pale pink and the package is noted for its elongated neck with a sheep on the label. LANDHAUS MAYER has established a cooperation with the winegrowers of Lower Austria, cultivating their prime vineyards for generations. Many of the vineyards are in danger of being abandoned. There is a movement by the vintners to re-establish the vineyards into healthy, productive vines.


The Rose’ is a distinct flavor produced from the Zweigelt grape. Zweigelt is similar to a rich Beaujolais or a spicy Pinot Noir. Medium in body, this Rose’ can pair with more robust meals such as roasted chicken, shell fish, any grilled vegetables.


Landaus Mayer

$14 -18

Ostatu Rosada, Rioja, Spain. Big and bold Rose that is so different from most European Rose’s. It’s chewy, a mouthful but very easy to drink by itself. The varietals are a blend of Tempranillo, 27% Garnacha, and 3% Viura. (Viura is a delicate white grape typical for blending adding a subtle depth, yet lightness). Viura compliments Garnacha and Tempranillo. Certified organic. This is a mountain Rose’ grown in one of the highest altitudes in the Alavesas mountains area. Vines are between 20 – 60 years which is very unusual for Rose’ production. Paella is the quintessential food pairing. The coast of Spain is also known for fresh grilled sardines. This wine is the most versatile of the Rose’s due to its hefty flavor and structure.


Ostatu Rosada

$ 14 – $16

While I am a vegetarian for over forty years, my palate is eclectic due to being born in Japan, raised in Texas, then twenty- nine years in New York. Back and forth to France (was married to a Frenchman). Bordeaux Blanc and guacamole is my favorite food and wine pairing.

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