Riesling Wine Comparisons

The forgotten wines to me are from Germany – except I included one from Alsace accidentally. Alsace used to be Germany anyway….and a surprise wine from New York German wine producer. These wines are all Riesling varietals however. Prum Riesling $31- $33 Entry Level Heaven in a Bottle. The granddaughter of J. J. Prum, Katharina… Continue reading Riesling Wine Comparisons

New York Hard Ciders and Thanksgiving Wines

NY is the only choice, in my opinion, and the best producers of Hard ciders. Angry Orchard is the most popular NY hard cider and the most widely distributed. Ryan Burk is the Cider Master. He treats cider making as though he was making a fine wine, in that he discusses, native, wild yeasts, terroir… Continue reading New York Hard Ciders and Thanksgiving Wines

Unusual Summer Reds CHILLED

I prefer unusual reds for summer and chilled degrees. Any European vineyard cellar will be below ground. The average temperature for the whites and reds are naturally chilled to 55 degrees. Grands Fers Fleurie: Of the nine Cru Beaujolais, I prefer the Fleurie for summer drinking and summer foods. Fleurie lends its floral perfume nose… Continue reading Unusual Summer Reds CHILLED


Some people say that this is Rose’ season – that summer is for Rose’. However, having sold French wine, predominantly, in New York, for over twenty-five years, those of us in the industry, drink Rose’ all year. Why? Several reasons: They are great food wines, they are produced world wide (almost) and they are as… Continue reading Sedona

Women in Wine

This industry, especially in France, has been dominated by men for centuries. Luckily for the wine industry, today’s female vintners are better educated (Université de bourgogne à Dijon, University of Bordeaux) have proven themselves very capable of producing stellar vintages.