Progress versus Perfection

Progress versus Perfection

 Start before you are ready, Dr. Price Pritchett tells us.. 

Are you someone who overthinks, hesitates, asks way too many people for their opinions before you take that big leap for your dream?

Magic comes alive when you take baby steps toward a goal, a project, your big dream

Here is an example of a cool little startup business by a woman who created her new venture during the pandemic lockdown.   And there is alot of MAGIC in her company 

Here’s what I appreciate the most about GulfportGnomes

Handmade in the United States, woman owned, the gnomes are about connecting with nature, adventures, the great outdoors. The gnomes are USA created, therefore she supports our small companies in the U. S. Shelly Straub is a neighbor and I never knew this about her cool little company. 

Not only does she craft these adorable gnomes by hand, she also writes short story books about adventures in nature with animals.  The little books are paired with gnomes.  My favorite book is about Marshmallow the most precious pooch and who will live on in our memories forever.

Shelly gifted me one of her holiday gnomes and that’s when I saw what any amazing concept she has created. The gnomes are placed in forty two states and two foreign countries, one of which is Italy.  They use a translator.

Lastly, Shelly says the gnomes are meant for adventurous people and not to be sitting at home in their own little gnome home.  People take them out on their adventures and share these with Shelly.  You can easily purchase from her website all year long as it is truly amazing what she creates.  And they make you happy and smile.


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation also bring smiles and happiness to your everyday lives. Here are two links that I strongly suggest you get your children involved with because they need some calmness and serenity in their lives:


Art class and meditation for kids

Both are FREE




In recent years, some wine professionals have started to reconsider one of the industry’s largest barriers to entry: the language we use to communicate with consumers—and each other—about wine. In an effort to move away from Eurocentric aroma and flavor descriptors, some have suggested changing the focus to a wine's aesthetics, or the feelings it evokes.

Now, the need for such a change is gaining traction, both as a response to industry-wide diversification efforts and the need to engage younger consumers. This week, Tina Caputo speaks with several industry pros about what it will take to truly overhaul wine language and create meaningful change. " Excerpt from recent SEVENFIFTY newsletter



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FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb

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