Life is like Chinese Handcuffs

We stay stuck in our old ways, Price Pritchett tells us, because we don’t want to be uncomfortable.  Learn the simple techniques of taking Quantum Leaps from the master of this concept, Price Pritchett, Ph.D.  He is world renowned for corporate mergers and acquisitions.  On this podcast I simplify his action steps.

Kundalini yoga is the world’s oldest yoga and it belongs in our children’s skill set.  HARIPRAKAASH has taught kundalini yoga to children and teenagers for over a decade.  Want to see your child have more self control, less anger be happier.  This practice produces the good hormones: serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin…Instant learning on her videos.  look for childrens yoga classes  virtual 

women and wine

veronique Taupenot - Domaine Taupenot lovely Morey St. Denis burgundies ( no website)

Domaine Boss Drouhin - Veronique has produced over thirty vintages. Now producing in Willamette, Oregon. Domaine Drouhin 

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