Kindness at work.

Kindness at work is a must in today’s pandemic environment.

Well - Being  employee corporate and small business services provided by Mari-Lynn Harris explore several options to enlighten people in the workplace. We bring our personal issues to work even when we want to leave them at the door.  When this happens, we are not at our most productive, we give less attention to detail, this destroys creativity. Want to conquer competitive edge?  Kindness at work….WORKS

Kundalni yoga- Beauty secrets enhanced by practicing kundalini yoga. Just do it

Wine - The excessive heat, fires along the West and Pacific west coast - folks we are killing our food, the vineyards.. people...  find out how to work on a community level, individual level.  I live in Gulfport, Florida-   we are killing our manatees , the red tide kills everything.  Watch this sixteen year old in action save the manatees' environment, the red tide, the hurricane impacts.  IT CAN BE DONE BY US. stop waiting for these lame corporations that created this massive pollution.  We are David and Diana versus Goliath.