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Do you know that in the heart of Poughkeepsie, NY there is one of the oldest USA manufacturers of unusually high quality, impossibly complicated manufacturers of “ aerospace industry and many other industries, of precision gages and equipment?

Dorsey Metrology is a world leader in manufacturing Optical Comparators and Dimensional Measurement hand tools.

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Dorsey Metrology is the precision gage-making legacy of the Dorsey Gage Company, founded in 1955 by Theodore Luty, Sr., continues in this millennium as Dorsey Metrology International. In the optical field, Dorsey is one of the few remaining domestically manufactured optical comparator product lines. Dorsey Metrology International is a leader in Optical Comparators and Dimensional Measurement Hand Tools. Their products are proudly built in Poughkeepsie, New York USA. Their customer base ranges from small shops to Fortune 500 Companies in almost every industry. They continue to innovate and improve their equipment based on user feedback and through constant engineering evolution. With the addition of S-T Industries Optical Lines, Dorsey is positioned to be one of the largest Optical Comparator suppliers in the USA.

If you are interested in a career in Manufacturing contact THEM. Benefit package is offered after 90 days of employment; including but not limited to health insurance, vision and dental insurance, 401k with a company match, paid holidays and PTO


Yoga- kundalini is very different from all the yoga practices in the world

I have discovered a meditation practitioner KERRY KOPASEK, who is making a difference combining

ART, DESIGN and MEDITATION  she has named her healing arts practice:


Examples of classes for kids:





Guruka Singh -Acupunture for the brain

Kundalini yoga Acupuncture for the brain



West Palm Wines kate@westpalmwines.com

Kate was meandering through the cellar today: “ and I noticed I have some truly awesome California and Oregon wines in there, but not very much of any of them left. So I present to you, all I have left of each of these GEMS. Be quick because they will go fast!”

EXAMPLES: 2019 Schug Pinot Noir Carneros $30.00  4 Btls left. 2020 Schug Pinot Noir Sonoma $19.50 6 btls left. Oregon 2012 Cristom Pinot Noir Jessie. $50.00 1 btl left. 2012 Cristom Pinot Noir. Louise $70.00 1 btl left. 2014 Cristom Pinot Noir 357ML. Louise  $25.00 2 btls left





My kundalini yoga teacher:


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