Cracking the Man Code

  • You Won't believe me but the lessons in this book relate to all facets of relationships in our lives. Matt Boggs is an expert in Love and Relationships regarding  our Personal and Business Lives.  Learn the importance of GIVING, Being PATIENT and more when you read his ebook. He is the CEO of this division, Love and Relationships within Mary Morrissey's institute
  • How to quickly navigate the new rules of dating (including apps and online profiles)
  • The shortcut secrets to manifesting your man with as little time and effort as possible
  • A proven system ANYONE can plug into to find love (a former Nun named Mary-Ann used this formula when she was 75 years old to manifest Wayne - a truly amazing man)
  • How to find your man even if you’re the busiest super-mom or you’re a bada$$ achiever building your career – or both!
  • The “Magic Wand” question you can ask a guy on your very first date to find out what his true intentions are..

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A six-week online program that helps smart, successful women understand the hearts and minds of men, so that they can more easily attract the loving, committed and conscious relationship they desire and deserve – without dating drama or wasting time on the "wrong" guys!




South African wines

Since my childhood in the heart of Bordeaux’s finest vineyards until today, I have travelled the world and discovered the amazing diversity of terroirs. On my first visit to Stellenbosch, I knew that this was where I wanted to fulfil my dream of starting a new adventure outside of France. In 2003, after visiting many vineyards, I recognised the exciting potential of Glenelly Estate on the lower slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain. I bought Glenelly Estate because I believe in South Africa’s soil, microclimate and potential for quality wines, and I wanted to continue the French heritage of winemaking in South Africa that goes back more than three centuries.

In 2003, at the age of 78, May de Lencquesaing, then owner of the famous Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, a Grand Cru Classé from Pauillac, Bordeaux, purchased the estate, part of the original Ida’s Valley farm, granted in 1682 by Simon van der Stel. With a nod to the French Huguenot settlers 300 years before, she set about planting vines to replace the existing fruit trees, realising her vision of establishing a thriving winery that best utilises the soils and microclimate of the valley and supports local economic development and the community.